This year’s family reunion


This years reunion will be held in the birth place, Windsor NC on Saturday, September 2nd thru Monday, September 4th 2017…where it all started 40 years ago. The reunion started in 1977 when a funeral was attended and the sisters saw the big attendance and thought why do we only see family like this at somber times. They got together, called everyone they knew and started the BNS Family Reunion. Here we find ourselves in 2017, 40 years later, keeping the tradition strong and pushing forward to make the 4 sisters proud. Every year we have a banquet dinner where we keep up the family history to teach the youth where we came from and to update everyone on the accomplishments of other. We have made a tradition of having the reunion in Windsor NC every 10th year anniversary and this year it’s going to be big. So Check here back often!

Reunion Committee Chairs