Our Family History

We are The Blount, Newsome, Sutton and Freeman Family. BNS was started back in 1977 by 4 Blount sisters Mary Augusta, Anna Belle, Jannie, and Estella. The ancestry of the sisters goes back to the marriage of Matthew William Blount to Romine Newsome and William Auther Sutton to Letta Freeman. BNS started a family reunion gathering back in 1978. The 4 sisters came up with an idea while at a funeral, they agreed that funerals should not be the only time we see all of our family. Here the Family reunion was born.

They pooled money together between themselves and a few other family members and bought all the food for a big Bar-B-Que, they taught the family history and they started a tradition that followed every year after that. The reunion has been held every year since, and has been hosted in many places besides Windsor like Pleasant Hill NC, Virginia Beach VA, Selma AL, New York City NY, Raleigh NC, Washington DC, Boston Mass, Knoxville TN, Greenville NC, Mt Laurel NJ, Norwalk CT, Durham NC, Greensboro NC, Waldorf MD, and many more. The reunion has now grown to a couple of hundred strong now and growing.