The BNSF Family Genealogical Tree

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Phebe Sutton (from Merryhill, NC)
  • Douglas Sutton
  • Letta Sutton Toodler
  • Alice Sutton Holly
  • Arthur James Sutton
Arthur James Sutton married Tinnie Medessa Sutton (2nd wife)
  • Walter Sutton
  • William A. Sutton
  • Maude Sutton
  • James E. Sutton
  • Mary Sutton
  • Alton Sutton
  • David Sutton
  • Tinnie Sutton
  • Lonnie Sutton
William Sutton married Georgia Holly Sutton
  • William Lee Sutton
  • Clarence Sutton
  • Minnie Sutton
  • Dorothy Sutton
  • Blanche Sutton
  • Flora Mae Sutton
Walter Sutton Sr. married Laurena Austin
  • Walter R. Sutton, Jr.
  • William Austin Sutton
  • Carolyn Laurena
  • Mary Charlotte
  • Fannie Maude
Mary Sutton Cuffie married Luther Cuffie
  • Luther Cuffie, Jr.
  • Velma Cuffie Hinton
James Edward Sutton married Margaret Elizabeth Cooper Sutton
  • Maggie Louise Sutton
  • Arthur James Sutton
  • David Shelton Sutton
  • Clinton Earl Sutton
  • Gracie Medessa Sutton Roberts
Alton Norman Sutton married Agusta Blount Sutton
  • Joseph Arthur Sutton
  • MaryAnne Sutton Heckstall Cooper
  • Alton Sterling Sutton
  • Janie R. Williams Sutton
  • Claude Magna Sutton
  • James Melvin Sutton
  • William Matthew Sutton
  • Frederick Sutton
David Lee Sutton married Janie Blount Sutton
  • Charles Lee Sutton
  • Lillie Mae Sutton Richardson Fells
  • James R. Sutton
  • Willie Andrew Sutton
  • Arthur D. Sutton
  • Evelyn Medessa Sutton Williams
  • David Dallas Sutton
  • Velma Ann Sutton Jones
Tinnie Sutton Morris Sutton married David Morris
  • Joe Willie Holly
Lonnie Theodore Sutton married Maggie Lester Sutton
  • Lonnie Theodore Sutton
  • Minnie Lee Sutton
Matthew (Mack) Blount married Annie Collins Blount
  • Matthew William Blount
  • Sally Ann Blount
  • Minnie Blount Robinson
  • Edward K. Blount
  • Emmanual Blount
Matthew William Blount married Annie Jones (1st wife)
  • William Matthew Blount
Matthew William Blount married Romine Newsome Blount (2nd wife)
  • Mary August Blount
  • Annie Belle Heckstall
  • Janie Blount Sutton
  • James Blount
  • Lee Albert Blount
  • Estella Louise Blount Freeman
Charlie Newsome married Nettie Newsome
  • Larry Newsome
  • Bill Stephenson
  • Melody Newsome Reynolds