A Double Celebration

Left to right: Jasmine, Greg and Uncle Larry, Greg, Jasmine, Aunt Roz

Jasmine Newsome and Gregory Long graduated from the Forestville Military Academy in Forestville, MD on June 5th 2009. The bother and sister team will be attending Bowie State University in Bowie, MD this fall. Jasmine plans to major in biology and Gregory is planning a major in education. Gregory is very conscious of the shortage of Black males in the public school system and wants to help fill that void. Jasmine plans to persue a career in the medical field. Most of you will remember them from their MIME performances at recent family reunions. Jasmine is also a budding poet, to critique some of her work click on the links below:



I lay my head down and dream
I hear a soft, beautiful song
A sweet melody
As I float lazily down a river

I look up
And I am soaring boldly like an eagle
No fears No limits
Just the sky and me

I land
And I am no longer an eagle soaring the sky
But a free spirit
Dancing and skipping in the open fields
Without a care in the world
I run
With energy I never thought I had
I don’t know where I’m going
I’m just running

The open fields comes to an end
There are trees everywhere, a forest
I find the tallest tree The biggest challenge
And climb it
Not scared of falling

I look out into the distance
And smile as the wind blows through my hair
Everything is calm and peaceful…Until

The tree I’m on begins to fall along with all the other trees around me.
The blue sky turns red and the clouds black
The fields turn barren and desolate
I cry and scream
As a harsh thing crashes upon me…Reality

I open my eyes and sigh.
My true peace,
My true serenity,
My true freedom,
Lies only in my dreams,
Where anything is possible.
Where rules or limitations don’t apply,
And things such as fear, uncertainty, and doubt
Do not exist.


by Jasmine Hope Newsome


So many thoughts in my head
That won’t go away
So many voices telling me this and that
I don’t know which to listen to
I don’t know which to follow
I’m so confused

My feelings change constantly
It’s hard to trust them
I try to clear my head
I try to focus I try to think straight
There’s so much going on
Many decisions that must be made
I don’t know what to do
Or say
Or think
Afraid of bad outcomes
I just want the best

I receive much advice
Some good, some bad
I don’t know where to turn
But through all of these voices, thoughts, and feelings
I hear a faint voice
God’s voice
A voice waiting to be heard
A voice waiting to direct and lead my path
Waiting to show me the way
The most powerful voice in the world…
Is speaking to me…

by Jasmine Hope Newsome


I often look back
And glance at my memories and experiences
Wishing that I had done things differently
Said different things
Thought things through more carefully

I made mistakes did things wrong
And I had to pay the price
The consequences I know I deserved

My memories can be like a repetitive tape
Playing over and over in my head
Some I’m ashamed of
Some I’m proud of

It has dawned upon me
That I cannot change the past
No more could haves or should haves
What’s done is done

But I can determine my future
Whether it’s good or bad is up to me
Will I screw it all up now with my stupid choices
Or will I work hard, stay focused, and become successful

My future can be bright with happiness
Or dark with pain and sorrow

I will not throw my future away
There’s too much I want to do
I have goals and dreams
That will be crushed
If I make the wrong decisions

I can have a great future
I will have a great future
I must know what’s important
I must get my priorities straight

I must continue to plan and set goals
And I must be serious
I must be ready
Time is passing
My future is at hand…

by Jasmine Hope Newsome


Snow is so beautiful
Though it may be wet and cold
It brings an indescribable joy to children everywhere

As it falls
It covers the earth with its white beauty
White as the clouds from which it came

The snow often leads us outside
Where we play and enjoy winter’s kiss

Snow angels, snowmen, snowball fights
So many fun things to do

As the day comes to an end
We go inside to sit by the fireplace
And drink warm cocoa with its sweet aroma

We watch the snow fall through our windows
Hoping it won’t melt
And will last another day

by Jasmine Hope Newsome


I am beautiful
This I know
Insults bring doubts
But I’m still beautiful

I am wonderfully made by God
I am unique and special
Unusual I may be
But I’m still beautiful

I am a light skinned
But a very black young girl
I am judged and mistreated
But still beautiful

I may not dress in fine, expensive, hand made clothes
I may not be royalty
I may not live in a big fancy house
But I’m rich in passion
I live life to the fullest
And I’m still beautiful

by Jasmine Hope Newsome

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